It's time to organize your police wife life. Starting NOW!

This is the All-in-One Law Enforcement Family Command Center!

The Police Wife Resource Binder is the perfect resource that combines your home, work and personal documents into one easy to access place.

From daily duties for the officer (and police wife) to future planning (living wills & line of duty deaths) to police wife back-up plans and bible verses for encouragement-this binder has it all!

With 4 dividers: household information, personal documents, police wife life and career documents, you can easily locate information when you need it, whether it's day to day or in an emergency.

 Not only does this binder keep you organized, it forces you to have those important, but necessary discussions with your officer about   the job. This is a lifestyle- it's time we start being prepared for it!



Allison Uribe, author of Cuffs & Coffee:

"I was sitting down today and going through this. It made me realize just how much I fail to think about the "in case" moments that could occur. There are some fun pages to fill and some hard pages to fill. I tend to forget where things are, numbers I really should know but don't, and some vital information that would be helpful to know.I am grateful that Proud Police Wife came up with this wonderful idea. I have tried so many times to get organized and I fail. Lol :) But with this I know I can't mess up because the organization is done for me and I just need to go in and fill the blanks!"


"This binder is so impressive to both me and my LEO! This lifestyle is chaotic enough without having to worry about sifting through the mountains of paperwork the Sheriff's Office gives us when something bad happens- and God forbid the worst happens! I'd much rather have everything all in one place so I don't have to add to all my worries! I love that it's also an easy catch all for the whole family. This will be the staple of the command center in our home. Great Job Proud Police Wife!"


"This binder is such an amazing tool for me and my LEO! My husband recently became an officer and I know this will be a great resource for us as we go down this trail together. If anything ever happens and I need anything, I know where to go to. I am blessed to have Proud Police Wife looking out for us and making such an amazing book that I know will come in use!"

Rebecca is a police wife to a twelve year law enforcement officer and work from home mom to three young children. She owns the blog Proud Police Wife, where she provides support and resources for police wives and their families.

Rebecca has written for Law Enforcement Today and was a 2018 Angel Armor Award Finalist for her dedication, support and encouragement to the law enforcement community.

Rebecca knows first hand how chaotic it can be to try and organize police wife life with work, mom life, financials, and more. So creating a one stop shop command center has always been her goal! 

This lifestyle can also bring worry when it comes to our spouse's career. It's time we get on the same page as our officer and have ALL important documents and decisions thought of, which is why future planning was so important to Rebecca to include in the binder.

This life is a lifestyle, so I want to help you be prepared for it!

Tell me more about the Police Wife Resource Binder!

-This is a printable PDF document with 30 pages dedicated to helping you organize areas of your life like:

  • Emergency information & contacts
  • Essential paperwork & files
  • Law enforcement agency contacts and information
  • Living will, future planning and line of duty death information
  • Monthly budgets and meal planning
  • A police wife back-up plan
  • Family schedules and daily duties for both spouses
  • Encouragement & resource sheets for topics like night shift, children, etc.
  • Bible Verses
  • and more!


Is the Police Wife Resource Binder right for me?

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, then, yes, the Police Wife Resource Binder is right for you:

  • Do you feel stressed with law enforcement life as a police wife? Do you want to find more balance?
  • Are you looking for a more systemic way to keep track of all your home, personal, work & police wife life documents?
  • Do you want to feel prepared should an emergency arise with your officer?
  • Do you want to know what law enforcement paperwork is necessary & important?

How much is the Police Wife Resource Binder?

The Police Wife Resource Binder costs $27, which includes 30 full pages of checklists and organizational tools. 

*Please note this is a downloadable document sent to your email.*

If I have more questions can I contact you?

You bet! Email me at and I am happy to help in anyway!

Do you offer a money back guarantee? 

We sure do! We offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days from purchase, if for any reason you are unhappy with the Police Wife Resource Binder!


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