Holidays with a hero

Have less stress and more joy this holiday season with this all-in-one holiday organizer made JUST for law enforcement families!

As a law enforcement spouse, I know how hard it can be to navigate the holidays. Learn more about how Holidays with a Hero can help you reduce stress this season.

what's included?

letters to/from santa

We know you can't always celebrate on the actual holiday if your hero is working. Instead, have your children send letters to Santa requesting an alternate holiday date and send them to your children from Santa.

how to deal with family

It can be hard to know what to say to friends and family that don't understand why your hero has to work. Use our tips and tricks sheet to craft a message this holiday season.

holiday prayer cards

From ways to pray for your officer this holiday season to printable prayer cards for you, you can arm yourself with the faith and encouragement you need.

and so much more...

Keep your Hero included with Holiday Bucket Lists, Memory sheets and more this holiday season. Over 20 printable pages included!

graphic organizer

What others are saying...

Unlike other holiday planners and packets, Holidays with a Hero specifically caters to families law enforcement and first responders. Rebecca has thought of every detail, even down to a specific template for sharing memories your making with your partner so they can be there in heart, even if they physically aren't. As always, she has gone above and beyond to think of each unique experience for our heroes and their families.
Kisses & Kevlar, Police Wife
The Holidays with a Hero Packet is going to be so helpful this holiday season. With the organized and simple menu planner, and the budgeting pages to ensure I don't overspend, I will be sure to stay on top of planning to manage my way through the chaos an LEO Christmas can bring.
State Trooper Wife
The Holidays with a Hero packet is helping me keep my focus on what's important with my hero this year while keeping track of all the items on my list. I don't have to worry about keeping it all in my head.
Police Wife


Holidays with a Hero is a digital download that you can download and print immediately. No hard copy will be mailed to you.

Absolutely. Once you download and print the pages you’ll be using, you can fill in your child’s name on a letter to Santa.

While many holiday planners and organizers are generic, this all-in-one organizer is tailored to law enforcement families. It is for the spouse/girlfriend and/or children living with a police officer.

Absolutely, yes. Your security is extremely important to me. I have partnered with reputable sites like Sendowl, Stripe and PayPal to process payments that provide secure encryption for maximum protection.

How can you still enjoy the holiday season even if your spouse is working?Feel lost on what to tell your children this Christmas? How do you explain your holiday plans to family and friends that don't understand?

All of those questions (and more!) are answered inside Holidays with a Hero. Get solutions for this holiday season and grab your copy today!