20 Minutes to Connection

The course that helps first responder couples communicate effectively in just 20 minutes per day

This is the ALL access course that will help you make the most of your time with your spouse, learn how to communicate in just 20 minutes a day and keep your relationship on sizzle.



You not only need to learn to communicate when you are with your partner but also when you are apart. Conflicting schedules can make it feel like our communication is failing.


When our communication is failing so is the connection in our relationship. It often leads to a disconnect or conflict.

making the most of your time together

When you are forced to constantly play catch up on days off and talk about the logistics in your relationship rather than create meaningful memories together then you aren't making the most of your time.

why 20 minutes to connection?

Communication is REALLY about connection. When we have to talk in sound bytes over several days because of crazy schedules and long hours, our communication and connection can suffer. It can result in a disconnect, conflict or tension and it can be just as hard for your law enforcement relationship to get back on track.


With 20 Minutes to Connection, we will help you lay out exactly what causes these challenges and disconnect in your relationship and provide you with a road map to get your relationship back on track. 

I highly recommend this course for any law enforcement couple! It is packed with tips and tricks to help build a deeper level of communication. As I worked through the course, I felt "heard". Not only was the advice good and helpful for any married couple, but the examples and tips are specifically designed for law enforcement families. Not only do you get to hear from Rebecca and Cyndi, but you also get many resources, too! Highly recommend!
Suzanne H.
Fellow police wife

the 3 biggest reasons our communication fails...

Mistake #1:
vulnerability and courage

Vulnerability is the willingness to be open. When we have been hurt or feel like we are walking on eggshells with our partner then our willingness to be open can decrease causing a disconnect in our relationship.

Mistake #2:
grieving the dream life

Sometimes we have a picture in our minds that our relationship should go a certain way. For example, that we would have dinner every night as a couple. But when this lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to those “9-5” life examples we are forced to grieve a life we can’t have. If we aren’t grieving then we are often comparing our lives to others causing communication issues in your relationship.

Mistake #3:
story telling vs. clear concise communication

When you are forced to not talk to your partner regularly because of crazy schedules then we often resort to “word vomit” where we tell us much as we can to our partner in a short amount of time. Ultimately, it is overwhelming and results in both partners focusing on the logistics in your relationship instead of meaningful connection.

20 minutes to connection

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My LEO and I have been together over 20 years, yet I know our communication can improve. Between his schedule, 3 kids, and little time, we haven’t been quite hearing each other lately. Entire conversations are forgotten and frustration ensues. When this course was introduced, I decided to see what I could gain from it and I wasn’t disappointed! The Proud Police Wife and Code4Couples truly know each of these hurdles. Through research and experiences, both professionally and personally, Rebecca and Cyndi bring you through each hurdle we face as a blue line couple and then share how to break through those hurdles. Be ready to think, engage with the content, and truly reflect first on yourself and then your LEO. The resources and tools to communicate extend well beyond the course! Invest the time with each lesson to truly have a continuous change in communication.
Annmarie M.
Fellow police wife

Take a look inside

Section one:

What is communication really about?

Section Two:

how to reconnect with our partner when we are out of sync

Section three:

what to do when our communication fails

Section four:

preparing for successful communication

Section five:

bringing it all together for an amazing connection and better communication

The Big Picture...

Your relationship doesn’t have to be about logistics and disconnect. Instead, you can invest in your marriage and find a path to connection and better communication in just 20 minutes a day!

Who doesn't love a bonus?

BONUS #1 self- assessment Quiz (VALUED AT $27)

See where you stand as a communicator with this never before seen self-assessment quiz written by Cyndi, a licensed counselor, specifically for this course!

BONUS #2 course workbook (VALUED AT $19)

In addition to nightly homework pages, you will get a course workbook which will help you personalize your course experience.

The 20 Minutes to Connection course by Rebecca & Cyndi was an inspiration. Anyone involved in a relationship with a law enforcement officer knows that it isn't an easy path to walk. Communication and time is often strained or never enough to get everything out that needs to be said between their jobs and your lives together. This course offers the tools that we all know we need to make things work in an easy and intuitive way. It helps to break down barriers of preconceived thoughts and feelings about talking with your spouse. It helped open my eyes to the type of language we use in our every day and how it can either build or break our relationship. It made me think of how to be more intentional in the limited time we have because of my husband's job constraints. I will recommend this class to anyone who will list
Antonia G.
Fellow police wife

Meet Cyndi And Rebecca​

Cyndi Doyle, LPC-S, NCC, CDWF, CCISM

Cyndi is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works in private practice specializing in counseling first responders and first responder couples. Cyndi is also the founder of Code4Couples®, which normalizes, educates, and empowers law enforcement couples through her personal experience as a veteran law enforcement wife and as a mental health clinician.  She is passionate about law enforcement couples having connected and resilient relationships and shares her knowledge through her presentations, Code4Couples® podcast, and new book Hold the Line: The Essential Guide to Protect Your Law Enforcement Relationship.

Rebecca Lynn, M.Ed.

Rebecca Lynn is the founder of Proud Police Wife (.com), a nationally recognized blog, where she provides support, encouragement, education, and resources to law enforcement families.  She is also the founder and host of the Annual Police Wife Conference, a virtual conference featuring highly sought after speakers and resources to law enforcement spouses internationally.   Rebecca Lynn is the author of The Peacemaker’s Wife, A Journal for Reflection and Encouragement for Police Wives and Girlfriends and the author of Proud Police Wife: 90 Devotions for Women behind the Badge. She holds a degree in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Education. Rebecca’s husband has been in law enforcement for 15 years and they have three small children.

Frequently Asked Questions

is this therapy?

The simple answer: no. While Cyndi is a therapist, she is not your therapist. This course provides education about communication and relationships; it is not therapy.

how long do i have access to the course?

You and your spouse/significant other have lifetime access to the course including any updates or changes to the course.

can I complete the course in 20 minutes per day?

No. The course is self-paced but the content each day will take you anywhere from 30-60 minutes per day to complete. In the course we give you the tools to communicate with your partner in 20 minutes per day as we know time is not always on your side in this lifestyle.

Your law enforcement relationship is not destined to struggle.

It’s actually meant to thrive! Gain the tools and support to communicate effectively within your relationship AND form a deeper connection with your spouse starting today!

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